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I’ve been on their “scale” plan for 2 months now, and out of the 30 verified reviews published, there was only one 4-star review – the other 29 reviews were all 5-stars. These reviews are the reason why I was (and still am) able to sell more than 10 units per day. Peter / Gonex Inc
I have been launching at least 2 new listings every month and I’m getting at least 60 reviews in total from honest hippo every month. Just make sure that you have a decent product with good packaging and you will be getting mostly 5-star reviews. Reviews make or break a listing and this company just gives you that boost you deserve so that your listing gets a chance to compete.Shaun R / Tauki Labs
Uncommonly good support.Ann Drucker
At first, I was not convinced this was legit in Amazon’s eyes so I emailed amazon and really read the fine print in their terms of services. At the end of the day, you have to decide for yourself because this is a grey area. I’m sure that amazon wouldn’t even notice anything weird going on and even if they do, I don’t think it is a serious offence. Honest Hippo connects you to people who would be paying full price for your product. These people will leave reviews because that’s what they signed up for.. It’s like a book review club. Anyways, with the way things are, a new listing doesn’t stand a chance to sell if it has 0 reviews.. and if it doesn’t sell, how the heck are we supposed to get reviews?Cloud Spa Group